Women Minorities in Television and Movies

The usual perception of white women on cultural forms is always the one of someone delicate, vulnerable and submissive. That is not always the case for women minorities in Television. They are usually portrait with different stereotypes like the angry Black women, which is usually shown as angry, violent, and uncontrollable. Jezebel, sapphire, manny, and matriarch are other stereotypes represented. Scandal is a series that portrays a women of color as the main character, but the to show seems to only represent her flaws. In the show Kerry Washington portrays a women capable because of her position, but she also is aggressive, straight forward, and is seeing a married man. She represents characteristics of an angry black women, and a Jezebel for the way she dresses with tight clothes. If black women are not depicted that with those stereotypes, they take the role of a slave or manny, like Octavia Spencer in The Help. How these women are represented influences on how others view them. In a study done by Essence magazine, over 1200 women were survey. 93 percent of these women agreed that media does a poor job representing them. “People are exposed to a multiplicity of media sources that saturate our collective imagination with stereotyped portrayals of black women” (my.xfinity.com, Alexis Garrett). It is rare to see a black women playing a not stereotypical role.
But, black women are also objectified and sexualize. They often portray characters that wear tight, reviling, little, or no clothing. In music videos or commercials, they expose themselves and give pleasure to men. Even when acting as slaves, they are used for the pleasure of their master.  Ambra Nykol, from the New Black magazine, stated that “If you want to get ahead in this business (no pun intended), you have to take off your clothes.” Halle Berry role in Monster’s Ball won her an Oscar, but many expressed that it was because of her exposure and whore like role. Especially for minorities, that have it harder growing within this business, exposing themselves is a most to grow. Women minorities seem to succeed only by portraying stereotypical role that would make them sell their bodies.
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