Women Minority and Health Covearge

Black women are more prone to get infected with viruses like HIV, diseases like cancer, or diagnose with high blood pressure and diabetes. But, a large number of black women in the US are unable to access decent health care services. Many factors contribute this issue, and are creating a greater gap between good health care and minority women. Their socioeconomic background is an important factors. Minority women work on minimum wages most if the time, others are living in poverty or are unemployed. Numerous times their jobs do not offer any health coverage. Also, a large number of this women are raising children without a partner, they are the heads of their families. How can they afford any health insurance, if they barely make enough to survive? The majority of people caught in the coverage gap are employed. In her article, Teresa Wiltz stated “They’re the working poor, paying the bills with a part-time gig or punching the clock with an employer who doesn’t offer insurance. They may be juggling multiple jobs to make ends meet…” (pewtrusts.org). This leads many of these women to relied on government health insurances, like Medicaid, but sometimes the coverage of these health care’s isn’t enough for all of them. From a survey in 2001, only 17 percent of black women and 12 percent of Latinas, out of 4000 women, were covered by Medicaid (dopm.uab.edu). Over the years, Medicaid priorities have changed and now they prioritized on covering children, pregnant women, disable people, or the elderly. Leaving the large number of these women without coverage, unless their incomes are well below the federal poverty level (pewtrusts.org, Teresa Wiltz). As the access to Medicaid also becomes difficult, many states are not doing much to fix the problem. Without proper healthcare, this women are prone to any type illness. Falling ill could lead them to lose their joins, and without that income their families will suffer the consequences.



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