Women Minorities and Discrimination on Job Applications

The number of women applying to jobs has increase, as well as the difficulty to be hired for them. Women, in general, are less likely than men to be chosen for a job. Imagine how much more difficult would be for minority women to apply and be hired. They face more discrimination in the application process, just because of their ethnic background. Their names can sometimes be the main cause. Employers are prone to hired white people, that’s why they give interviews to people with white-sounding names. Traditional names can become an obstacle for applicants. In her article, Kianta Key expressed how she felt as her coworkers asked her about her name: “I often find myself questioning my name and the stereotypes that go along with it, particularly in my career. Because, depending on the people who see my name, they see a black woman. And depending on their perspective, they see a certain type of black woman, with a certain type of education….” Many women asked themselves the same questions. Leading them to changed letters of their name, or replace them with “whiter” names, for a higher chance to an interview. In those situations, employers do give more attention and consideration. Even if they get the interview, they are still less likely to get the job because of the color of their skin. Like in the case of Louise James, a black applicant. As soon as her name was called, the interviewer expected a white woman. “She just kind of looked at me and her face dropped…” she stated. It’s just a long and discriminative process for minority women to be able to get interviewed and hired.
louise james    
Louise James                                                         Kianta Key



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