Minority Women and the Wage Gap

The number of minority women entering different workplaces has increased in the recent years. These women work full time and they still earned the least. This is in part because they are paid fractions of what white men earned, creating a wage gap. These gap, especially for minority women, has increased in recent years. As stated in the article written by Justice Economics, “Black women were paid 63 percent of what non-Hispanic white men were paid in 2014. That means it takes the typical black woman nearly seven extra months to be paid what the average white man took home back on December 3.” Women have to work for longer periods of time to earn the same as men in the same field. This is in large part to the fact that women of color are mostly represented on the lower paying jobs. Usually working on minimum wage or part time. These women make .64 cents of a dollar compared to men. Even when this women pursue and acquire a higher education, the gap is still there. Is in this cases that the gap usually increases. In an article from 2013, the author mentions that previous research has demonstrated that the gap often starts right out of college — as women are less likely than men to be fully employed one year post grad. The fact that employers believe that men are more capable, prompts them to offer them better salaries and benefits. In her article, Mila Fisher, disclose that: In 2014, only 35 percent of black women and 26 percent of Hispanic women were employed in higher-paying management, professional, and related jobs—compared with 48 percent of Asian women and 43 percent of white women. This proves that employers are more biased to hired white men and women than minorities. Like, when comparing the earnings between actresses and actors, the wage gap can be easily notice. Hollywood actors like Robert Downey Jr. make up to four times, or more, of what white actresses make. Image how far below Black or Hispanic actresses are. It’s usually so low that they are never mention on list of the best pay actors, it is always a white actresses list. Minority women earned only fractions compared to white men or women. They are performing the same jobs, but are still discriminated and viewed as less valuable than men.

wage gap black women



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