Minority Women and the Double Standard of Beauty

Nowadays beauty is socially constructed through different types of media. They bombard the public with advertisements, movies, shows and more, full of white beauty ideals. Women like Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Aniston are usually used to promoted products and movies. That is because they are consider beautiful, according to the standards created by the media. Minority women on the other hand, are rarely seen in advertisement, because they lack the delicate features and light colored skin. White women are portrayed as delicate, pretty, and thin, and society expect every women to follow these standards. Because of them, minority women are “whitewashed.” They change their hairstyle, hair color, and wear lighter makeup to conform to the beauty ideals. When minority women are hire for advertisements, they are always photoshop to comply with these ideals. In the case of Sofia Vergara, her arms were slimmed down for a Pepsi ad. For Zendaya, her hips were reduced so she would look slimmer and prettier. Through their actions, the media is basically portraying unrealistic ideals. Women of color body structure are different form white women. Minority women are unable to express and be themselves. When they try to be different, they are criticize. Zendaya was insulted and criticize for her dreadlocks at the Oscar’s ceremony. She was only being herself instead of just complying with standards of beauty, how is that wrong? To me, she looked stunning and beautiful. According to beauty ideals, minority women are lacking in beauty compared to white women. They take extrema measure to change themselves. They lighter their skin, change their hair color, wear contacts, and more. If they try to go against beauty standards, they are only criticize and condemn for being different.

                      Zendaya Photoshopped

Zendaya at the Oscar’s                                    Zendaya Photoshop and original picture



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