Women Minority and White Female Privilege

White women privilege is basically having more benefits and opportunities purely because of the color of their skin. It also allows them to get away with things minorities usually can’t. White women either choose to believe white privilege doesn’t exists, or that it only exists in the eyes of minorities. The reason being that all their lives they have been favor, given what they wanted without thinking of others. They see it as common, but from a minority’s perspective, the privilege is and will always be there for them. Their privilege is demonstrate in their daily lives. We see white women being taken with more consideration when applying for jobs, during accidents, and in their health. Managers are more likely to hire white women, because they are thought to have better backgrounds. In an article form Political Blind Spot, a black men was hit by a car driven by a white woman. As the man was in the floor crying because he was in pain, the bystanders and the police were only comforting the woman, telling her everything will all right. The police even went to the extent of telling her to change her testimony and blame the incident on the black man. If a black or Hispanic woman would have been behind that wheel, the police officers would not have been so lenient. White women have more help from health care, and prioritize by doctors. They are considered more beautiful, they represent the standard of beauty. Their privilege leaves minority women in an underprivileged position. Because of that, they are always put second, they are taken less in to consideration, and are more likely to be blame in any situation. Even when they don’t see it, minorities do. They know that it will be difficult for them to attain higher opportunities.


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