Feminism Doesn’t Address Minority Women Concerns

Feminism is the movement that advocates women’s rights and equality. Its purpose is to create a place where women would have the same rights and opportunities as men. But since its creation, feminism has been only fighting for the rights of white women. Looking back at the first wave of feminism, it all started with white women fighting for suffrage rights. In no way that would benefit minority women, in this case African American women. Black men were barely allowed to vote, and their votes did not event count as one, how exactly were black women benefited from the first wave? Today’s feminism seems to be going in the same direction, looking for ways to benefit and protect white women needs and rights. It only lets others hear the voices of mainstream women. Minority women problems are still there, because they are different from those of white women they are not taken with much importance. Women of color are more likely to be discriminated in the workplace or public spaces. They are also target because of stereotypes, people usually judges them based on them. They are more prone to be accused for actions they have not committed, and the list can keep going. Feminism, or basically white feminism, does not take their difficulties into account because it does not affect mainstream women. In her article, Erica Lopez describes how she had difficulties, discrimination and judgement from superiors, for being a minority and how white women dismiss her troubles. She compares the reactions of these women to feminism, and how like those women feminism dismisses and ignores minority’s problems. How can feminism be a movement for all women if it only favors one group of them? White women are the ones in power and putting their issues before anyone else’s. The white privilege also comes into effect here.


This Is What I Mean When I Say "White Feminism"





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