Minority Women face sexism, Classism, and Racism

The number of minority women suffering from racism, sexism, and classism is quite large. With the society changing and developing, many think that these views would have changed, they are wrong. These women endured hardships in their everyday lives, from their jobs, to public spaces, and even in their homes. The public classifies these women based on their sex, the color of their skin, and their social background. Minority women are excluded because they do not represent the traits and capacities of the standard race. They are also still haunted by stereotypes portrayed in the media. In her article, Misogynoir: where racism and sexism meet, Eliza Anyangwe discusses how misogynoir has become the new term for prejudice and hatred towards black women. She explains how it plays its role by using Serena Williams as an example. The public compares her with an angry gorilla and how she resembles a manly man. They conclude that based on stereotypical behavior of black women and the way they look. They cannot accept that a black women could actually be in such important position. Minority women face classism, as Emilie M. Towne describe it, the economic oppression of black women and the low social status associated with it. Minority women are overly represented on low wages jobs, because many times they are not able to finish higher education, or are less likely to be consider for corporate jobs. Men do not take them seriously even when they have high positions. This is the case of Coco Medina, the owner of a Spanish-speaking radio. She states that men do not treat her as a business women, but as a “good girl” instead. These women are also criticize when they try to change the “status quo.” They try to overcome stereotypes and instead of encountering support, they find prejudice. This is the case of Diane Abbot, she was recently appointment as shadow international development secretary. Minority women cannot aim for higher because they will be criticize, and prejudice for their skin color and stereotypes about them.


Diane Abbot

Image result for black women racism and sexism
Serena Williams








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