Violence and Abuse towards Minority Women

The number of women suffering from violence is quite large, especially among minorities. It is minority women who have the highest numbers of domestic, sexual, and other types of violence. The large numbers are due to the fact that minority women are less capable to complain and less protected by the law. In many countries the sexual violence against them is used as a tool for war. They are used and oppressed and there is nothing they can do because there is no justice. Minority and indigenous women in the US are also abused, and even when they have a justice system, they are not protected. They are usually discriminated because of their status, gender, and ethnicity. If it was a white women being violated, the officials would not stop until they find justice. There are many cases, like the student, black girl, that was attacked by a police officer. Even if she was refusing to leave, the officer had no right to use violence against her. Usually violence against minorities is overlooked. In the case of black women, being abused is not something new. Since slavery they have been subjected to many kinds of violence, which are all now exposed in social media. Violence against black women has become normalize. This is due because they have a low status, their race, class, and gender gives them little worth. They are not able to speak up, or they would be criticize and reduced to stereotypes. Basically, all minority women all suffer from some type of violence. Their status, gender, and ethnicity are impediments for them to seek justice towards violence. They are trapped by violence, and their only escape Is blocked by who they are in the public eyes.

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